Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Poll Vol. 1

Le List

1. Do you usually apply your making sitting down or standing up?

- It depends. If I only do something small, I stand up. If I take my time, I sit down.

2. Have you ever cried at work?

-I have. I don't want to explain (:

3. When was the last time you wore body glitter in the daytime?

-Whoa! Never. 

4. You just ordered a deli sandwich. Do you eat the pickle it comes with?

-Yes! I actually like a crunchy pickle once in a while.

5. Share a good memory from your high school years.

-Once my friend and I got to run around the campus calling different kids out of their classes to take pictures of them. It was fun to just walk around for a few hours playing with a nice DSRL.

6. Something looming over your head that you need to get done sooner than later?

-Go to the DMV. Had my permit for 3 years. Its pretty sad.

7. What’s your weekend scent?

-My Victoria Secret Passion fruit Spring Break spray.

8. List your shower routine from start to finish.

-I shampoo first then apply conditioner. I let it sit while I wash my body and face. Then I shave. Eventually I end up rinsing out the conditioner...except for the few occasions I realize later my hair is awfully greasy and need to reshower. 

9. What’s your stance on jumpsuits?

-jumpsuits? Never had a stance. 

10. Have you ever traveled abroad?

-NO! I want to so terribly! I will one day. Just wait.


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