Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Poll Vol. 2

Le List

1. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
-I sleep on the left side. I'm not sure why. But I always face the right side.
2. This summer, I hope to __________.
-go to Disney World. I think I might make it a yearly event.
3. When was the last time you visited a museum?
-Some time last year, fairly recent. It was a science museum with Santiago. We're nerds. 
4. Would you ever consider letting your hair go completely gray?
-I'd try to make it work. I really don't like the idea of dying my hair; I'm afraid it would fall out.
5. Have you ever lost your phone?
-Yes! 100 times. It always happens to be silent when you lose it, right?
6. Do you like to listen to music in the car?
-Who doesn't? Unless I'm talking to some, I always need some type of music playing.
7. What kind of cake would you like for your birthday?
-Marble Cheese Cake. I never got to have it though because some of my friends don't like cheese cake and I had to think of them too.
8. Top four places to eat in your town?
-Chipolte, Chipolte, um...kidding. But maybe Tatu, Hustons, and the little Chinese takeout place near me. 
9. What are a couple of reasons you like to wear makeup?
I started getting acne in 6th grade. No one else did and it made me insecure. I did it to cover it up and even though some days I might not need it, It feels like I'm naked without it.
10. If it’s T-Shirt Slogan Day, what does your t-shirt say?
"Nobody puts baby in the corner"

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