Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October Favorites

November has arrived! 

October was a really good month! My boyfriend turned the big 20! whoo-hoo! I was so honored that I got to be with him that day. I haven't experimented much with makeup this month...but wait til my November favorites. There even might be an empties video. Exciting? Here were my favorites of this month!

E.L.F Lip Exfoliater 

Glade Pumpkin Spice Spray

Womens vitamin 

Pumpkin Mask




Apple Spray

-Vermont Honey Apple body mist
-Leaves candel
-Ben Nye powder
-Covergirl & Olay concealer
-Glade Pumpkin Spice spray
-Michael Todd pumpkin mask
-Womens Multivitamin

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Poll Vol. 10

It's Monday? ew. I want school to be over and Christmas to come already! Lets go. 

Poll Time! Just copy and paste the questions and leave a comment below!

1. Leopard spots or zebra stripes?
-neither. Animal print looks silly on me. 
2. Have you ever blown a kiss to a stranger?

-not exactly. I have in one of my youtube videos, but never in person. 
3. A movie that scared you as a child

-Stephan King's IT
4. Are you a back, tummy or side sleeper?

-I try falling aseep on my side but I normally lay on my tummy if I can't fall asleep. 
5. Who’s your team?

-I don't watch sports. 
6. Do you, or does someone you know, have a sixth sense?

-Once in a while I get premonitions and then something bad happens after. 
7. How are you at multitasking?

-I am pretty good at it. 
8. Last skincare product you finished down to the last drop?

-Ponds Dry skin creme (Blue top)
9. If you could be a makeup artist for any brand, which brand would it be?

-Benefit. I like everything by them. 
10. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your current ability to work a smokey eye?

-I have actually never worn one. When I try it looks pretty jank. Maybe a 3 or 4 out of 10. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

September Ipsy 2013 Review

I  normally put the spoilers on this, but I wanted to give you my thoughts also on everything.

This is everything I got in my bag. Big sexy hair gel, Zoya nail polish, LA Fresh makeup wipes, and a Costal scents eyeshadow brush.

Big Sexy Hair Gel-

It is a blow dry gel but I dont blow dry my hair so I dont really know how this works yet. 

Zoya Nail polish-

I think this nail polish is good. It is long lasting and provides a nice outcome. I wish I got a different color though since I am not a dark nail polish fan. 

LA Fresh makeup wipes- 

I love the ingredients, besides marshmallow. Thats freaky. It has a really strong sweet smell to it that I cannot stand. It does take away makeup easily and leaves no residue. The clothes are bigger than you need them to be though.

Bella Terra mineral eyeshadow- 

I really like this shadow. It is highly pigmented and has no nasty fall out. The only thing is, the color is awful. I dont wear purple eye shadow.

Costal Scents brush- 

This has become my new favorite eye shadow brush! It is everything I want in a brush. packed hairs, picks up shadow, big handle. Its wonderful. I use it for everything!

November 2013 Ipsy Spoilers

yay! I love getting these in the mail. I get excited. Honestly, I don't use most of what I get because I'm not one to use the 3 different purple eye shadows I've gotten but I love getting mail! 

Spoiler #1

"November’s Glam it Up Bag includes five of our community’s most sought-after items, plus a bonus full-size product from our co-founder Michelle Phan’s own em michelle phan collection. That’s six products total!"

Spoiler #2

"You asked and we listened! To kick off "Glam It Up" month in style, every ipsy subscriber will be getting a glamorous goodie from this "em"spiring makeup line! Which product are you most excited to try?"

Spoiler #3

A touch of color and a hint of sheen - a little dust of one of these and you'll be good to glow!"

It kind of looks like a Pixi blush to me, but their packaging is a light hunter green. The color may be off because of picture. 

Spoiler #4

"These lip products are perfect for your party clutch and, this month, you will be getting one of these undeniably glamorous shades!"

These are lip crayons from Be a Bombshell for sure. They are worth $14 each so the bag is already paid for with just this alone. 

Some Beach

Spoiler #5 

These are an easy guess this month. But nail polish again? 

caviar cocktail
Spoiler #6

Samples! I kind of like getting these. 

TreSemme Hair Spray

Kiss Ever Ex Fake Lashes

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic mini-palette

Cailyn Mineral Eye Shadow

Glam Glow Mud Mask
HSI Argan Oil
Spoiler #7