Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Notes

I always knew how to empty the contents of an egg, but whats the use? No one keeps the shell, so we just crack it open. I decided to make a better use out of it and make surprise Easter egg notes. Like a Chinese Fortune Cookie, but more...Eastery. I wasn't planning on showing you how I did it, but I will. I have a youtube tutorial on it if you want a better explanation. Want to learn math with me? I started with 12 eggs. I only made 9 eggs. Lets keep tract when they break.

1.) I had to poke 2 holes in the egg. One slightly larger because I need to fit a note inside. (Broke an egg by pressing too hard)

2.) I took a straw and blew out the yoke and egg whites. It was really gross actually. I ended up with a headache after from blowing so hard. The insides refused to come out. (Lost 2 eggs)

3.) After washing the eggs clean, I set them int he bowl to dry for a few hours. (I did this at night so I picked it up again the next morning.)

 4.) I wrote my little notes on pieces of paper so they are ready to be rolled and stuffed into the eggs once they are dyed.

*dying is self explanatory.

 -I filled each egg with the little note after they dried on the inside. (a few hours)

-This is what they turned out like in the end. Pretty decent I think. Honestly, it was a lot of work so i'm not sure if I would do this again. Maybe with my future kids, someday.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Strawberries

Benefits of Strawberries: 
1.) Contains 13% of your daily fiber intake but only 43 calories (1 cup)
2.) Lowers blood pressure
3.) Contains antioxidants
4.) Keeps digestion regular

5.) Act as natural anti-inflammatory (Ibuprofen), without the bad side effects (intestinal bleeding)
6.) Wards off cancers (defends against cancerous cells)

7.) Contains Vitamin C. 136% of a daily value.
8.) Healthy eyes. Decreases aging in eyes by 1/3

9.) Ensures a healthy immune system

10.) Wards off development of age related diseases.
11.) Wards off cardiovascular disease.

12.) Contains 21% of magnesium.
13.) Healthy bones
12.) Vitamin K
14.) Potassium

Beauty Benefits:
1.) Clear acne and oiliness (Rub on face)
2.) Make skin smoother (rub on face)
3.) Whiten teeth (eat)
4.) Reduce under eye bags (hold under eyes)
5.) Make hair glossy and conditioned (mash into mask)

Would you eat a cup of strawberries now? 

Double Winged Eyeliner

Warning:  Might be super weird staring at my eye the whole time you read this.

Today, I wanted to show you how I do my normal eyeliner with a small twist. My normal everyday eyeliner is pretty boring so I added another wing.

1.) I started by normally lining my eyes with a liquid eyeliner.

2.) I finished it off by using gel eyeliner in the inner corner.

3.) I made a small line outwards to create the wing. I do this by creating an imaginary line from my bottom lash line towards my crease.
 4.) Here I just connected the line towards my original line to form a triangle shape.
 5.) I began to fill it in. I'm sure everyone knows how to do that.
 6.) Beginning on the second line, I will dot a small line under the first line.
 7.) I didn't stroke a line, I simply pressed the brush down so I knew it would be straight. This is what it looks like.
 8.) So it doesn't look like I messed up, I connected it to my bottom lash line.
 9.) This is an unnecessary step to show you, but I just added some mascara.
10.) It looked a little dark so I went ahead and applied some white glittery eye shadow in the corner of my eye.
 This is the final result. If you guys try it, let me know!

Would you ever wear this?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring BB Cream Review

I know American BB Creams aren't the greatest. Actually, I almost will go as far as to say, I almost dislike them. I normally use Lioele Triple the Solution (Watch video HERE), which is a Korean BB cream. American BB creams are just tinted moisturizers. You've failed me, America.

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream:

While reading the back of this, I've come to realize that this is simply just a tinted sunscreen. It comes with a lot more product than normal foundations/bb creams, with 2.5 fl ounces. The ingredients are not listed on the back, which worries me. I had to search them myself.
It is water based so it most likely will not cause breakouts.
It has an alcohol as the 5th ingredient. It may irritate some people.
It does contain fragrance.
No parabens!

Color: it has 2 color options (light/medium and medium/dark). The lightest shade was awfully dark. This may fit NC30.
Claims: it does moisturize and protect against the sun.
Consistency: It is very thick. Even though the pictures are of my hand, it does not feel thick on your face. 
Coverage: not quite sheer but a very light coverage. It covered light freckles but not dark spots or acne.
Wear Time: The longest it lasted on me was 4-6 hours. Then I noticed it starting to fade and wipe away and was completely gone within 6-8 hours.
Price: $11-$13 USD
   *Good for sensitive/dry skin

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: 
This is a sample size, but I got 3 different uses out of it, which I think is enough to review it.
There are 5 different shades and I got the second lightest.
*It did cause breakouts.
Water based 
propylene glycol (which pulls water fomr the air keeping the product moist)

Color: it has 5 color options. 
Claims: hydrates  
             blurs imperfections  
             evens skin tone  
Consistency: thin. light weight.
Coverage: sheer. light tint. covers minor imperfections.
Wear Time: The longest it lasted on me was 3-5 hours. It started to fade and wipe away; was completely gone within 5-7 hours.
Price: $8-$9 USD
*Good for combination/dry skin

L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream:
BB cream stands for Beautifying Beads (in this case)
water based
2 parabens ):
antioxidant lotion infused
Vitamin E
Won't clog pores
In the shade 810-fair

*The reason it's white is because that's the lotion part. Inside, it has little color beads that break upon blending.

Color: it has 5 color options. 
Claims: primes 
Consistency: thin. light weight. a little grainy (beads)
Coverage: light/medium buildable coverage. covers minor imperfections.
Wear Time: The longest it lasted on me was 7-9 hours. It started to fade and wipe away; was completely gone within 9-10 hours.
Price: $8-$10 USD
*Good for combination/oily skin

Final Verdict: Each has good and bad qualities. I disliked the Maybelline BB cream and really liked the L'oreal BB cream.  

Do you have any of these? Which do you dislike/like?

Friday, March 22, 2013

March 3rd - Boyfriends New Room

Yeah, today isn't March 3rd but my boyfriend, Santiago, is in the making of decorating his new room. I actually really like it so I decided to blog the process so you guys could see how it's coming along. I know it isn't "beauty" related, but room decorations are fun, right?

We got him a shelf the weekend before and he waited for me to return so we could build it together. Isn't he sweet?  Well, I thought so.

He had to get something upstairs and left me in charge of the shelf building project. Naaaah. When I tried I ended up cracking it. In the end, Santi is much handier than I am at this stuff.

I worked very hard (not). I was testing out his new mattress. It gets an A+ from me for comfort.

Would you like me to continue showing his room progress? 

Tiffany Inspired Nails

You know that classic Tiffany blue and white? I was extremely bored tonight and decided to recreate it on my nails and add some glitter. Because, who doesn't like extra sparkle on a  Friday night?

They could be better. I should mention I really stink at painting nails? I made a "Things I Suck At Video on my youtube. I should have mentioned that I sucked it it. Regardless, here they are!

Glitter is from when I was really little. I have no idea where it's from.
White nail polish is called "White On".
Blue nail polish is called "Home Run".

Would you ever do this?


I thought I'd do a proper HELLO!
I have a youtube which here but there are somethings that are hard to film such as reviews or ootd's (Outfit Of The Day). This would be a better place to have them, so I assume. Who knows? This all might be a giant failure, but we shall see, won't we? We'll start this journey together.

xoxo, Alli ♥