Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Tutorials 2013

I have 2 tutorials this year! One being Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid and a 1920's Great Gatsby inspired look.

I came up with Ariel, well, because she's my favorite princess. I also had the chance to audition to be "friends" with her at Walt Disney Word a few weeks ago.

Then this past weekend my boyfriend and I watched The Great Gatsby and I forgot how much I liked the 1920's. Thus, this look was born! haha.

Ariel Picture


Great Gatsby Picture

Products Used:

Maybelline eye tattoo -Barley Branded
Malani baked eyeshadow- Drenched in Gold
NYC Palette - 822 How I met You
Rimmel- Glam eyes liquid eyeliner
Tarte eyelash curler
Urban Decay- Curing mascara
Starlooks eyeiner
Jcat lipstick- Honey crisp
Bare Minerals lip gloss- Dare Devil
Head Band- Tillys


Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Poll Vol. 9

Monday Poll again! These seem to be all I'm doing every week.

  1. What makeup brand has the prettiest packaging?
    I really like Benefit. They always have this 1950's vintage feel. 
  2. Do you ever travel for business?
    I don't.
  3. What accessories are you wearing (jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, anything else)?
    A ring my boyfriend gave me, my tiny diamond earrings, and fake pearls that I always wear.
  4. What’s the wackiest piece of clothing you own?
    I really don't know. None of my clothes are wacky to me, but then again...I don't have much style. I always get made fun of when I wear my hot pink skinny sweat pants. People say they are my "crazy 80's pants". 
  5. How often do you do eye looks involving more than one eyeshadow?
    Maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks or when I want to look a little better one random day. 
  6. Is there any kind of nail polish you won’t wear (textured, glitter, matte, other)?
    I usually don't wear nail polish but I guess the sound of textured nail polish is a bit weird.
  7. Who’s your favorite artist (visual, music or other)?
    I don't have a favorite.
  8. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
    I can't think of anything at the moment...but I know soon
     I'll be leaving to do a Disney internship for a few months and leaving my boyfriend behind will be very difficult. 
  9. Have you ever done an ombre lip? 
    I think this is the most boring poll I've ever taken. I hardly ever wear lipstick. I have used a little bit of a lip tint but only in the center so it looks like I just ate a strawberry ice pop. Does that count?
  10. On a scale of 1-10, what’s your personal makeup style (1 being no-makeup makeup, 10 being full-on divalicious drag queen)?
    4. My everyday makeup is just tinted moisturizer and brown mascara. I'm too boring. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Influenster Box

I got a nifty little purple box in the mail today and I had no idea why. I followed the instructions and it ended up being one of those free sample boxes that people get...if you review them. oh...the catch, right.

*Ignore the fact that I didn't wear makeup that day.

I can honestly say I won't be using any of this. Hooray for useless stuff! 
Nail art, lip gloss, face wash, airheads, tide wash

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A song for every Disney movie (if there's a musical involved). Pixar movies not included due to length. ENJOY!
Someday My Prince Will Come: Who is/was your one true love?
His name is Santiago! Annnd...he's beyond perfect.
When You Wish Upon a Star: What is something you're wishing for?
currently, that Santiago isn't stressed anymore.
Baby Mine: What are your thoughts on children?
I love children! I want to be a teacher and a mom!
Little April Showers: What's your favorite time of the year?
Three Caballeros: You're going on an adventure, so who are the two people you need to go with you and why?
Santiago and his sister. We'd end up just laughing the whole time.
Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet: Is there any unrequited love in your past?
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah: What's an ideal day for you like?
Any day with Santiago is a perfect day.
I'm a Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow: What helps you relax?
Cuddling, candles, and a warm drink.
Blame it on the Samba: What makes you want to dance?
Any song.
Lavender Blue: Tell us about your dream wedding?
A Disney Wedding! haha. Lots of flowers and candles.
Merrily Song: What's something you always seem to rush through?
Homework. I need to focus on it more.
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes: What do you dream about?
my future. I'm not worried about it, but i'd like a sneak peek.
A Very Merry Unbirthday: What was a memorable birthday for you?
Going to Disney with Santiago for my 18th birthday.
You Can Fly: What are the first three happiest things that come to mind?
Jesus, Santi, and life.
Bella Notte: What's your ideal date like? - Anything Santiago and I do is an ideal date. 
Once Upon a Dream: Name a person you met who has changed your entire life?
My grandma. I don't think she knows it. She was the mom that I wish I had.
Cruella Deville: What scares you the most? Not being able to accomplish my dreams.
That's What Makes the World Go Round: Do you find yourself going against the flow often?
Not to sound super hipster, but I normally do.
I Wanna Be Like You: Who did you want to be like growing up?
growing up? about 12 years ago I wanted to be just like a Disney Princess.
Let's Get Together: Who makes up a couple(ship) you like?
hmmm...i dont know! haha
Just a Whisper Away: What do you think of when you are lonely?
Just that its actually quiet!
Feed the Birds: What do you do to give back?
 I try to give advice.
Let Them Go: What is your favorite childhood memory of the holidays? 
My grandma always coming in and hugging me for waiting for her on Christmas morning. I wouldn't open my gifts without her there.
Scales and Arpeggios: Do you like to sing?
I do all the time. Now, if only I was good at it.
The Age of Not Believing: When did you realize you were starting to grow up?
About 17 years old I realized I needed to change and grow up.
Not in Nottingham: Do you like where you live?
Rumbly in My Tumbly: What is your favorite food?
Anything healthy. Lots of vegetables.
Someone's Waiting For You: What gives you hope?
Jeremiah 29:11
Candle on the Water: Are you someone who guides people or someone who looks for guidance?
I would like to guide people. 
The Best of Friends: Tell us about a friend of yours?
My best friend is so caring. He is always there when I need him. Even at 1am and I just need to vent.
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind: If you could commit a crime without any repercussions, which would it be and why?
I'd go to a country where its illegal to talk about God and talk away.
Perfect Isn't Easy: What's your morning routine like?
barly get out of bed, dress, wash my face, brush my teeth, drink a  glass of water and go.
Part of Your World: Do you desire to be somewhere else?
Be Our Guest: Do you prefer to be the host of a party or be the guest?
Host. I can control the party and I like to give the fun to others.
Seize the Day: What is something you are passionate about?
Jesus and kids.
A Whole New World: Have you shared something special to you with someone close? How did they feel about it?
I have. 
Circle of Life: Do you feel close to nature? Are you more of a technology-loving person?
I am more into hugging a tree than getting the latest iphone. 
Nobody Else But You: How do you feel about your family?
Family isn't always blood related. Therefore, I love them.
Just Around the Riverbend: Do you have a plan for your future or is your life an "in-progress" work?
I don't control my plans. But I have ideas I'd want.
God Help the Outcasts: Have you ever put aside your needs for someone else?
I normally always do. Even if its a bad thing.
Go the Distance: Do you feel like you have to work to belong? Do you belong at all? Does it really matter?
No one should have to work to belong. I don't try to belong if they wouldn't do the same for me.
Reflection: Does it feel like you cannot be who you want to be?
I used to. Now im exactly who I want to be.
You'll Be In My Heart: Have others ever questioned your love for a person or thing before?
Yes. I really dislike it. They don't know.
When She Loved Me: Have you been rejected before? How did you deal with it?
not really. Before my boyfriend and I were together I told him I liked him and he didn't like me back. But it all worked out later. 
Your Heart Will Lead You Home: Where is your heart really at?
Exactly where it should be.
If I Didn't Have You: Who has influenced you the most in your life?
The great people who put the bible together.
I'll Try: Have you ever wanted to give up out of frustration?
I have. 
Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride: Water or land? not much of a swimmer.
I'm Still Here: Has anyone ever tried to change you before?
yes, and I let them until I realized that its not who I really was.
W-I-L-D: Do you consider yourself wild or tamed?
tame. haha
If I Wasn't So Small: What are things you are self conscious about being unable to do?
I used to worry all the time. Now I don't have to.
Welcome: Do you consider yourself a welcoming person or indifferent?
I want to be welcoming. 
Little Patch of Heaven: Where is your favorite spot?
Next to my best friend.
Shoulder to Shoulder: Who is a new friend you've made recently?
I made new friends for the Disney College Program.
That's How You Know: What things do you do when you want to show you appreciate someone?
I'd just tell them or smile a lot near them.
I Thought I Lost You: When was a time you lost something or someone?
I thought I lost my ring (my boyfriend gave me) and I cried and freaked out. 
Ma Belle Evangeline: Who makes you feel like royalty?
I'm not sure.
I See The Light: Who is your light? Did it take a long time to find them?
Santiago might as well be the answer for most of these. 
Sugar Rush: What's your sweet of choice?
cheese cake or creme brulee.
Nothing Can Stop Me Now: How focused are you on your current goal?
Its out of my hands.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Poll Vol. 8

Monday...again?!!? My Sundays are awesome then I have to wake up to Mondays. That's awful. 

  1. What are your favorite TV shows right now?
    I don't watch a  lot of TV. I watch Full House and it's still on TV but I guess a show that's still running is Bones and My Fair Wedding.
  2. What would you do if you won $10,000 today?
    I’d buy my boyfriend a car because I know he really wants one and if I had any left over I'm saving for our wedding.
  3. What’s the first song lyric that comes to mind? 
    I don’t care, I love it. (from Icona Pop)
  4. Do you have any scars? Yes! I have one on my knee from being pushed off a bike and flown into the street. I also have a "freckle" type scar in my chin from being really sun burnt when I was younger, but it has faded a little bit.
  5. What are some makeup or beauty products you buy over and over again?
    Garnier eye roller and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
  6. What’s your favorite place to people-watch?
    People watch? I'm not that weird.
  7. If you could time travel, what year would you visit (but you don’t have to be there permanently)? 
    According to time travel, it's a lot easier to go back in time than forward. If going back...I'd say no to something back in 2008 and I'd really like to see my future kids if going forward were an option. 
  8. If you could pick any one person in history to have brunch with today, whom would you pick? 
    Jesus...but I don't need Him in person to have brunch with me. If it were someone else, maybe Princess Diana. I always wondered what she was like. 
  9. Is there a makeup/hair styling skill you’d like to master? 
    Winged eyeliner. I barely do it and fake it, but its never exact and it makes me frustrated when I cant get it even.
  10. What movie really scared you? 
    Not a full movie, but the last 10 seconds of the original Carrie made me jump so high.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ipsy October 2013 Spoilers

My last bag came so late that I didn't get a chance to review them before spoilers started coming out for this bag!
Lets take a look:
The theme this month seems to be dealing with something artsy. 

Spoiler #1

Zoya nail polish

It looks like these (Cashmere and Satins Fall 2013 collection)

Spoiler # 2

"It’s easy to create timeless works of art when you have these products at your fingertips. Some of our subscribers will receive at least one one of these products in their October Glam Bag!"
Ipsy says everyone will get at least 1 item featured. I will post what each item could be once I find out. 

Spoiler #3

"All subscribers will receive at least one of these products, which are well-suited for making a big, bold statement!"

This looks like Big Sexy Hair Voulmizing  Gel.

Spoiler #4

"Some of our subscribers will get the chance to release their inner artist with the help of at least one of these colorful products. Check back this afternoon for another sneak peek!"

Spoiler # 5
"Some of our subscribers will receive one of these products, which are each perfect for prepping a blank canvas."

It looks like Ole Henriksen Advanced Hydration Moisturizer and Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.

Spoiler # 6

Our bag!

 Spoiler # 7
"Some of our subscribers will receive this super sweet product, the perfect reward for a long week of creative pursuits. Have a great weekend!"

Cake Beauty Be Delectable

September Favorites

Fall has started! Yesssss! Here has been my favorites from the past month. 


Lets begin! I can review anything if anyone is wondering more about a product. 


-Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream
-Benefit They're Real Mascara
-Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Crayon


-Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Cream Beauty Balm for hair

I never heard anything about this product and it was on sale at CVS so I figured I'd buy it. It makes my hair so soft! Here is a picture after I have used it.
Ignore my messy hair-do. I was in the gym.


- Vermont honey apple body spray from Bath & Body Works
"Vermont Honey Apple, a fresh blend of crisp Vermont apple, golden honey and creamy peony layered with sparkling pear and a touch of Tonka Bean. "

Victoria's Secret nail polish in Enchanted
-Harvest Coffee scented candle from Bath & Body Works

(I guess this isn't really food)

-Chocolate Truffle Godiva coffee

What are you're favorites??