Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Poll Vol. 6

1. Have you ever had a pet other than a cat, dog or fish?
-I had a bunny and a turtle.
2. Are you more shy or outgoing?
-I am very shy, until you get to know me.

3. If there was a real fountain of youth, would you drink from it?
-I wouldn't. Everyone seems to want to look younger. I'm personally tired of being told I look like I'm 12. Even when I'm in my 40s, I"d like to look my age. Wrinkles show wisdom to me.

4. What are your favorite bar soaps?
-I don't have any. I think it traps bacteria.

5. What do you like about your hair?
-My hair is soft. Sometimes I love that its naturally straight but then other days it decides to be curly and I like my natural curls.

6. What’s the best eye makeup tip you’ve learned lately?
-I don't wear much eye makeup besides mascara and I already know how to apply that. 

7. Are you a baker? What do you bake?
-I love to bake! Especially with Santiago. His sister thinks I try to make their family fat because it seems like I bake almost every time I am there.
I bake a lot of cookies recently. But my favorite is making cupcakes even though I don't like to eat them.

8. What’s your typical face makeup routine for work/school?
-Simple Sunscreen moisturizer
Physicians Formula green primer
Garnier Oily skin BB cream
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
Rimmel Stay Matte setting powder
Neutrogena Lipbalm

9. What should you be doing today?
-I should be studying for my college classes. But my power went out.

10.What kind of phone do you have?
-A LG Beacon  ( My friend calls it a Bacon for some odd reason)

Hope you enjoyed!

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