Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Poll Vol. 7

1. Is your desk neat or messy?
-Messy at the moment
2. One fun thing you did over the weekend?

-I got to be with my boyfriend which is always a lot of fun
3. What book(s) are you reading?

-I normally am always reading something, but recently I've only read my bible.
4. Something you keep meaning to do but don’t?

-Make my bed everyday
5. What’s a typical morning for you?

-wake up, wash my face and make a smoothie
6. Three of the makeup brushes you use most often?

-Real Techniques stippling brush, powder brush and buffing brush
7. What’s one of your best eye makeup tips?

-always use a highlighter in the inner corners
8. Something you've been loving lately?

-That its FALL (soon)
9. Any life-changing beauty products lately?

-not lately, but my favorite will always be my Purpose face soap. 
10. Are you wearing any polish on your toes, and if you are, what shade?

-I have no idea what color it is, but its a light spring purple. not exactly the best choice for this season. 

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