Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advice for Seniors : Starting College

Hello, seniors!
Doesn't that feel good to say?
Only like...12 years to finally say you're a senior. Felt like forever to me.
These are some of my tips for your senior year and getting prepared for college. 

*I'm terribly sorry for that typical white girl duck face. 

Advice for high school senior:

-look at different colleges (make sure it’s the right one for you and your major). Research.
-don’t apply to certain places to impress anyone. Think logically. Think about expenses and your future not who’s around you.
-take tours or try to look at testimonies of other students on forums. 
-don’t worry if its not your dream school. You may be able to go in the future.
-community college is a great cheaper option. Go for the first 2 years then transfer to the school you really want. Save up for the better classes that your specific school only offers.
-apply earlier because once early acceptances come out you will know how to plan
-most high schools offer free applications so take advantage of those. Apply to as many as you can so you have options to choose from.
-don’t forget to fill out financial aid forms because those seriously help. Even if its not all covered, trust me, college is crazy expensive.
-you will not get accepted everywhere. Im sorry. That’s life. You can boost your application by a good gpa, test scores and even writing a great essay. But they can still deny your acceptance.
-senior year is the best year. Relax. Don’t get stressed over it. If you are determined to go to college, you’ll go even if its not exactly where you want to go.

-good luck!

Remember I'm here to help. Just leave a comment. 



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