Friday, March 22, 2013

March 3rd - Boyfriends New Room

Yeah, today isn't March 3rd but my boyfriend, Santiago, is in the making of decorating his new room. I actually really like it so I decided to blog the process so you guys could see how it's coming along. I know it isn't "beauty" related, but room decorations are fun, right?

We got him a shelf the weekend before and he waited for me to return so we could build it together. Isn't he sweet?  Well, I thought so.

He had to get something upstairs and left me in charge of the shelf building project. Naaaah. When I tried I ended up cracking it. In the end, Santi is much handier than I am at this stuff.

I worked very hard (not). I was testing out his new mattress. It gets an A+ from me for comfort.

Would you like me to continue showing his room progress? 


  1. this is a super cute idea! plz do more personal ones! we dont ever see these on utube.

  2. hes perf. do ya'll live together?

  3. you always talk about him in your videos so can we see more of him on here? btw im loving the idea of a blog to! great idea! you should have more subbies. Following you since 2012!

  4. could you possibly do a whole blog post about how you met and your story? i think everyone would want to know since you talk bout him like you known him for like ever.