Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Strawberries

Benefits of Strawberries: 
1.) Contains 13% of your daily fiber intake but only 43 calories (1 cup)
2.) Lowers blood pressure
3.) Contains antioxidants
4.) Keeps digestion regular

5.) Act as natural anti-inflammatory (Ibuprofen), without the bad side effects (intestinal bleeding)
6.) Wards off cancers (defends against cancerous cells)

7.) Contains Vitamin C. 136% of a daily value.
8.) Healthy eyes. Decreases aging in eyes by 1/3

9.) Ensures a healthy immune system

10.) Wards off development of age related diseases.
11.) Wards off cardiovascular disease.

12.) Contains 21% of magnesium.
13.) Healthy bones
12.) Vitamin K
14.) Potassium

Beauty Benefits:
1.) Clear acne and oiliness (Rub on face)
2.) Make skin smoother (rub on face)
3.) Whiten teeth (eat)
4.) Reduce under eye bags (hold under eyes)
5.) Make hair glossy and conditioned (mash into mask)

Would you eat a cup of strawberries now? 

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