Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Notes

I always knew how to empty the contents of an egg, but whats the use? No one keeps the shell, so we just crack it open. I decided to make a better use out of it and make surprise Easter egg notes. Like a Chinese Fortune Cookie, but more...Eastery. I wasn't planning on showing you how I did it, but I will. I have a youtube tutorial on it if you want a better explanation. Want to learn math with me? I started with 12 eggs. I only made 9 eggs. Lets keep tract when they break.

1.) I had to poke 2 holes in the egg. One slightly larger because I need to fit a note inside. (Broke an egg by pressing too hard)

2.) I took a straw and blew out the yoke and egg whites. It was really gross actually. I ended up with a headache after from blowing so hard. The insides refused to come out. (Lost 2 eggs)

3.) After washing the eggs clean, I set them int he bowl to dry for a few hours. (I did this at night so I picked it up again the next morning.)

 4.) I wrote my little notes on pieces of paper so they are ready to be rolled and stuffed into the eggs once they are dyed.

*dying is self explanatory.

 -I filled each egg with the little note after they dried on the inside. (a few hours)

-This is what they turned out like in the end. Pretty decent I think. Honestly, it was a lot of work so i'm not sure if I would do this again. Maybe with my future kids, someday.

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