Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Double Winged Eyeliner

Warning:  Might be super weird staring at my eye the whole time you read this.

Today, I wanted to show you how I do my normal eyeliner with a small twist. My normal everyday eyeliner is pretty boring so I added another wing.

1.) I started by normally lining my eyes with a liquid eyeliner.

2.) I finished it off by using gel eyeliner in the inner corner.

3.) I made a small line outwards to create the wing. I do this by creating an imaginary line from my bottom lash line towards my crease.
 4.) Here I just connected the line towards my original line to form a triangle shape.
 5.) I began to fill it in. I'm sure everyone knows how to do that.
 6.) Beginning on the second line, I will dot a small line under the first line.
 7.) I didn't stroke a line, I simply pressed the brush down so I knew it would be straight. This is what it looks like.
 8.) So it doesn't look like I messed up, I connected it to my bottom lash line.
 9.) This is an unnecessary step to show you, but I just added some mascara.
10.) It looked a little dark so I went ahead and applied some white glittery eye shadow in the corner of my eye.
 This is the final result. If you guys try it, let me know!

Would you ever wear this?

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